The perfect gluten-free pizza

With the middle of the semester in full swing I wanted to talk about gluten-free pizzas because it’s during these very busy weeks that pizza tends to become a staple part of my diet.  So, I wanted to find the pizza with the best gluten-free crust.  This week I tried Domino’s gluten-free pizza, Trader Joe’s Four Cheese Gluten-Free Pizza, and Pillsbury’s gluten-free pizza dough.

I’ll start with Domino’s gluten-free pizza.  The great thing about this pizza is that it is customizable, and it can be delivered.  That being said I think this pizza tasted pretty good.  I was able to get my favorite topping (mushrooms) on it, and so I was pretty happy with it, but the crust tasted just a little bit bland.  Overall for taste I gave it an eight out of 10.  The texture of this pizza was also pretty good.  It is a thin crust pizza and the crust was crunchy, which was nice, but also a little bit chewier than I would have liked, and so I gave it a seven out of 10 for texture.  The biggest downside of this pizza was definitely the price.  A small ten inch pizza is $6.99, but considering that it is delivery pizza I didn’t think it was too outrageous.  So for price I gave it a six out of 10.  For availability this pizza gets a 10 out of 10.  It is available at all of the Domino’s locations, and because you can build your own pizza you can order many different variations.

Next I want to look at Trader Joe’s gluten-free pizza.  This pizza was great. The crust is made with lots of Italian herbs, and it has a lot of flavor, but the pizza has sliced tomatoes on it, which isn’t my favorite, however that is just a personal preference.  So, for taste I gave it a nine out of 10.  The texture of the crust is what really makes this pizza stand out.  In my experience most gluten-free pizzas have a very thin almost cracker like crust, but this pizza has a crust that reminds me a little bit of Sicilian pizza.  It is still a relatively thin crust but it is thicker than most gluten-free pizzas, and the bottom has a really nice crispy texture. The only downside is that it gets soggy pretty fast, so for texture it gets an eight out of 10.  This pizza also has a great price for a gluten-free pizza.  It is $4.99 per pizza, so I gave an eight out of 10.  My only real problem with this pizza is that there are no other varieties of it.  So, even though it was relatively easy to find at Trader Joe’s I give it an eight out of 10 for availability.

My last pizza is Pillsbury’s gluten-free pizza dough.  This dough tasted pretty good, but there was nothing very special about it so I gave it an eight out of 10.  The texture of the dough is very difficult to get just right.  When cooking the dough it is very easy to overcook or undercook it. When overcooked it is very cracker like, and when undercooked it is very mushy.  When done just right it has a chewy texture and so it gets a five out of 10.  The pizza dough only costs $4.99 for a container that makes two very small pizzas or one medium sized one, but you also have to buy all of the toppings for the pizza.  So, for price I gave it a six out of 10.  I found the pizza dough pretty easily at Publix in the section with all of the other refrigerated Pillsbury products, but there weren’t any other variations of the pizza dough and so for availability I gave it an eight out of 10.

In first place with a total of 33 points is the Trader Joe’s pizza.  In a very close second is Domino’s gluten-free pizza with 31 points.  And last but not least is Pillsbury’s gluten-free pizza dough with 26 points.