My name is Katie and I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance about two years ago. For the past two years I have been on a strict gluten-free diet, and in that time I have come to realize that not all gluten-free foods are created equally.  I have often had the experience of excitedly purchasing a gluten-free food, only to take a bite and discover that it doesn’t really taste like what I was expecting.  Many gluten-free foods are also quite expensive, which can make the foods’ imperfection that much more disappointing.  And even more so when you are a college student, on a budget, like myself.  So my goal is to find the best gluten-free foods in Gainesville.

In order to do that this blog will compare gluten-free foods on the following qualities:

  1. Taste: Do they have a good flavor? How similar are they to regular food items?
  2. Texture: Is the texture appealing?  Is it what is expected from that particular food?
  3. Price: Is it expensive or inexpensive where gluten-free foods are concerned?
  4. Availability in Gainesville: Is it easy to find? Is there a wide variety of flavors?

Each week I will look at three different varieties of a gluten-free food and rate them based on those qualities.  Each category is worth ten points and each food will be given a score out of forty points.


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