The international house of gluten-free pancakes

This week I decided to look at breakfast foods.  And I thought of pancakes immediately.  So I set out to find the perfect gluten-free pancake mix and in the process I turned my apartment into the international house of gluten-free pancakes. I decided to try two pancake mixes, one by Bisquick and one by Maple grove and a recipe that I found on line at

A fresh stack of gluten-free pancakes.

So first is Bisquick’s gluten-free pancake and waffle mix.  I was actually really excited to find this because growing up my family always used Bisquick, and so it was nice to find a familiar brand name.  When I tried the gluten-free version I was not disappointed.  The pancakes tasted great and I actually think that I liked them better than Bisquick’s traditional mix.  They had a slightly sweet flavor that was very tasty and so for taste I gave them a 10 out of 10.  The texture of these pancakes was also really great.  The pancakes were soft and light and they didn’t get soggy immediately after adding syrup.  For texture I gave the pancakes a 10 out of 10.  This mix was pretty pricey especially considering the size of the box.  The box is much smaller than traditional Bisquick boxes and it $4.59 it costs over $2 more than traditional Bisquick. So for price I gave the pancakes five out of 10 points.  I was able to find them easily on the breakfast aisle at Publix, but I didn’t see them anywhere else and so for availability I gave them an eight out of 10.

The next pancake mix that I am looking at is Maple Grove’s gluten-free pancake mix.  The taste of these pancakes was okay. There wasn’t anything special about the taste but they didn’t taste bad so I gave them an eight out of 10.  There texture was my least favorite out of all of the pancakes.  They were dense and slightly grainy and so for texture I gave them a five out of 10.  The price was pretty good still expensive compared to regular pancakes but at $3.59 per box the price wasn’t too bad for gluten-free pancakes so for price I gave them eight out of 10.  They were also easy to find at Target in the breakfast food aisle and so they get an eight out of 10 for availability.

A pancake from the gluten-free recipe I found.

Last but not least I tried a recipe for gluten free pancakes that I found on  I chose this recipe for its simplicity because as a college student I didn’t want to have to hunt down four different types of gluten-free flours and xanthan gum.   This recipe simply called for all purpose gluten-free flour and a couple other ingredients that can be found in most kitchens.  That being said I think they turned out pretty well.  They tasted good but not great, but I chose not to add the optional vanilla because I didn’t add any to the other two pancakes. That being said I gave them an eight out of 10 for taste.  The texture of these was pretty good they were light and soft, but they were still a little bit grainy.  So for texture they get a seven out of 10.  For the price of these pancakes I’m not going to look at the cost of all of the ingredients because most of them were things I had in my kitchen anyway such as milk and eggs.  Instead I am just going to look at the cost of the gluten-free all-purpose flour that the recipe called for.  I used Pillsbury’s gluten-free multi-purpose flour which was $6.49 at Publix.  But the recipe only called for 1 ¼ cups of flower and it made way more pancakes then the others so for price I am gave them an eight out of 10.  All of the ingredients were relatively easy to find and so for availability I gave them a nine out of 10.

So for the final tally I have Bisquick’s gluten-free pancakes in first place with 33 points. In second place is the gluten-free pancake recipe form with 32 points. And Maple Grove’s gluten-free pancake mix is a close third with 29 points.


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